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Karl Pilkington As Stephen Merchant pointed out during one of the podcast episodes; Karl’s literary efforts are likely to inspire the reader keep one his books on top of their lavatory cistern. Personally, I disagree, having read two of the three titles. Some of Karl’s poems are there, as are photos, documents, cartoons and illustrations. It’s all good work considering Ricky Gervais constantly refers to him as the “round-headed bafoon”, and his primary school teacher Mrs Matthews said he'd never be a high flier.

I don’t like jellyfish, they’re not a fish, they’re just a blob.
They don’t have eyes, fins or scales like a cod.
They float about blind, stinging people in the seas,
And no one eats jellyfish with chips and mushy peas.
Get rid of ‘em!


Karl Moths

If moths had eyes,
Would they be happier?
How do they know they’re not dead?

Cave men hunting for food,
But not before,
They style the hair on their head

What would last longer,
in dinosaur times?

A blind man didn’t stand a chance,
Not with all them rocks about.

I’d rather be a blind moth.


Karl Untitled

Bubbled wallpaper,
What a mess.

Washer – dryer knackered,
What a mess.

Siamese twins separated,
One leg less.

An Idiot Abroad Series 1 & 2 (4 disc DVD)
Both series on DVD for a bargain price. Look out for "The Short Way Round" which is being filmed right now and is an add on to the "Idiot" series




The Office DVD 10th Anniversary Edition (4 disc DVD)
Where it all started for Ricky and Steve. An absolute classic and probably still their best and most acclaimed work.




Extras complete DVD boxset (5 disc DVD)
Celebrities send themselves up in this cautionary tale of wishful thinking. Described by critics as "self indulgent" and "sub-Dickens" (lol!)

Karl makes a small appearance in one of the later episodes :)



The World of Karl Pilkington
I haven’t bothered with this book. From what I have gathered, it’s just transcripts of some of the XFM shows. Not particularly original, judging by the reviews.




Happyslapped by a jellyfish
This book came out when they were well into the run of podcasts. I’m pleased to say I thought it was very funny as I had it for Christmas 2007. The rambling anecedotes and tangents are all there, as is the poor grammar. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



The most recent book. I’m still not sure if I remember finishing it or not. There were many funny bits in it but I still prefer the spontaneous conversations which made the radio and podcasts so entertaining. I suppose Karl’s opinions on "overplanning" is right in this case. Still good though so don’t get me wrong an’ that.



The Ricky Gervais Show (DVD)
The first season of the podcasts, synced to HBO's animation. Ricky resembles Fred Flintstone, Steve looks like Blakey from On the Buses before he hit puberty, and Karl looks like a gormless rounded headed twat. The animations are good, and serve to emphasise all the digressions, anecdotes and general bollocks spoken by the comedy trio.



An Idiot Abroad (book)
An Idiot Abroad (DVD)
I've been following the series and on the strength of what I've seen so far I'll be getting this. There will be plenty of outakes, deleted scenes and extra material with Karl being prodded by the proverbial poker that is Gervais.